That Yingke Was Selected As A Partner To The United Nations Is Listed As One Of The 12 Most Watched News Events Of Chinese Lawyers In 2016

Beijing, 20 January 2017 - Yingke is selected as the most concerned news events in the Chinese lawyer industry in 2016 by Legal Daily,, All China Lawyers Association and Chinese Lawyers according to the attentions of the lawyer industry and the click rate of the internet. Reason for selection: The platform is large enough, and the springboard is high enough. As Chinese lawyers gradually increase the intensity and breadth of their participation in international organizations, t

Apple Pulls 'The New York Times' From Its App Store In China

ALINA SELYUKH   |   January 5, 2017 Citing local regulations, Apple has removed The New York Times news app from its app store in China. The incident is the latest in the long history of media restrictions in the country, but also in the ongoing pattern of tech companies getting involved in the efforts. The New York Times reports that Apple removed both its English-language and Chinese-language apps from the app store in China on Dec. 23, though other prominent publications such as

U.S. Launches Formal WTO Complaint Over Chinese Aluminum

By Scott Patterson and William Mauldin | January 12, 2016 Donald Trump suggests again Wednesday that trade relations with Beijing would be a priority The Obama administration launched a formal complaint Thursday against the Chinese government with the World Trade Organization over subsidies it says Beijing provides to the country’s vast aluminum industry. The complaint represents an escalation of trade disputes between countries with the world’s two largest economies almost a week before D

China December Exports Tumble More Sharply Than Expected

by Mark Magnier | January 13, 2017 The country is bracing for further difficulties this year given the prospect of a more protectionist U.S. administration BEIJING—Chinese exports fell sharply last month owing to weak demand in many major markets, and the government and economists are bracing for further difficulties this year given the prospect of a more protectionist Trump administration. Exports slipped 6.1% in December from a year earlier compared with a 0.1% gain in November, China’s

Will We Ever See Oil Back Above 100 USD per Barrel?

By Andris Strazds and Thomas Grennes on February 10, 2016   The recent decline in the oil price has triggered speculations that as many as half of the U.S. shale oil producers might face bankruptcy soon (CNBC). Analysts have further argued that this would lead to a sharp decline in the U.S. oil production, which over last five years has roughly doubled from about 5 mb/d to 10 mb/d (see the chart below). The argument then proceeds as follows: production cutbacks would, in turn, help bring de

Interpretation Of The Supreme People's Court On Several Issues Concerning The Application Of The People's Republic Of China Property Law

For the correct cases of property disputes, according to the relevant provisions of the "People's Republic of China property law", combined with the practice of the civil trial, making this explanation Article 1 because of the ownership of real property, as well as the sale, gift, mortgage and other disputes arising from the basis of the registration of real property rights, the parties shall accept the civil action in accordance with the law. The parties have applied to the administrative procee